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Japan's New Life-Sized Gundam Statue Will Be Able To Move
Several life-sized Gundam statues have gone up in Japan over the past few years. They could either move very little or not at all but that’s going to change with the latest one that’s being built now. A fourth anniversary Gundam project has been announced during a recent press conference. A “moving” 18-meter Gundam statue will be put up at the Gundam Factory Yokohama in the summer of 2020.

Gundam-themed hotel brings out the boy in you
Do you love RX-78 Gundam? Then the Grand Pacific Le Daiba hotel in Minato Ward, Tokyo has a place for you. That’s because beginning today, the hotel now offers rooms with interior decorations featuring the characters from the “Mobile Suit Gundam” animated series. The Gundam-themed rooms, dubbed as “Project Room G” features illustrations of the characters on the walls as well as other cool Gundam-themed furnishings and ornaments. It’s the […]

Lego Eva Gundam: I want!
The measure of a true artist is evident in his or her work. Give me some Lego bricks, and I would most probably come up with a rectangular house or something equally lame, but when you place it in the hands of a creative person, you might end up with stuff like the Lego Eva Gundam. Lego bricks have seen action across a myriad of creations to date, and I […]

Gundam Video on Demand hits North America
Are you a huge fan of huge robots? If you have answered in the affirmative, then surely you have heard of Gundam before? There are so many models to collect, some people have actually run out of space in their homes to stash away these completed models. However, there is another way of getting around the problem of space – that is, by digitizing the entire experience. North America will […]


Gundam Front Tokyo theme park to hit Odaiba, Japan
The Japanese sure love their robots, and those who have an absolute love for the Mobile Suit Gundam anime series (there are also tons of Gundam toys for you to blow your savings on if you are interested) might want to check out the upcoming Gundam Theme Park which is set to open in Odaiba, Japan, this coming April 19. Bandai Co. says that the new theme park will be […]

DIY Gundam project
Here is a labor of love that should not go unnoticed – this particular Gundam fan certainly went above and beyond the call of duty by creating his very own Gundam – one that measures around 7 feet in height, and the fact that it is a papercraft model makes it all the more impressive. Taras Lesko, who prefers to be known by his handle Visual Splicer, recreated a die-cast […]

Gundam-themed navigation app
Bandai Namco has announced that they they will be rolling out a Gundam-themed navigation app that is available only for iPhone users who reside in Japan. This particular navigation app will enable one to travel from one destination to another, and along the way, experience an occasional random encounter with virtual enemy forces. You will be able to actually progress in terms of character statistics by levelling up while picking […]

Gundam ashtray and cup holder merchandise
Love really large Japanese robots that can either protect or devastate an entire city, packing in more firepower than what the US military could ever muster? Well, Gundam fans can soon experience the power of Gundam in their cars, thanks to a new range of Gundam-themed car merchandise such as cup-holders, ashtrays and even phone charger units.All eight items will come in the form of the head of one of […]

Giant fake Gundam robot in Chinese amusement park causes a stir
We’re fairly used to seeing cloned stuff come out of China, but sometimes the fake products can offend certain parties. One such case is when an amusement park located in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, featured a large statue that is an exact copy of the popular Gundam robot from Japan, albeit with a garish paint job. The amusement park had to cover the statue after photos of it surfaced online and […]

Japan's Giant Gundam Returns With A Lightsaber
Every guy out there probably loves robots one way or another, and what better way to pay tribute to robots than by erecting a giant statue of one of the most popular robots ever – Gundam? The folks over in Japan have come up with the 18-meter, life-sized Gundam statue, which was previously taken down before. Now the giant robot is back, and it has a giant lightsaber to accompany […]

Gundam Halloween alarm clock
Are you a fan of the Gundam series? Let the Gundam Halloween alarm clock help get you up and out of bed then, where it will rely on the original sound of the animated talking found in the Japanese anime Gundam to do just that. Haruka Inoue’s voice is featured here, coupled with flapping ears whenever any speech is emitted. The clock is even equipped with a calendar that is […]