Heard of Evoluce before? Neither have I until I received the press release in my inbox, and after taking some time to digest what they have sent, it can be safely concluded that the Evoluce SDK for Kinect is now available so that developers are able to roll out non-commercial applications that will feature a natural user interface. Basically, this SDK will not only be meant for Kinect but the Windows 7 platform as well, where it will rely on depth sensing information such as human motion tracking using devices like the Microsoft Kinect sensor and Asus Xtion Pro.

I guess the ones who stand to benefit most from such easy and intuitive applications would be in areas like events and exhibitions, education, digital signage and healthcare. Since the Evoluce SDK for Kinect can be downloaded for free, what are you, as a developer, waiting for? You might as well get cracking and who knows, your next effort might just be what the world is looking out for, and perhaps you can “explode” upon the scene with your efforts that will blossom at tradeshows and the like.

The Evoluce SDK for Kinect will work with Windows 7, where it comprises of drivers and rich APIs for natural user interfaces, installer documents and resource materials and will be powered by NITE and OpenNI. The Evoluce SDK opens up a portal for developers who build applications and rely on C++, C# using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. There is a commercial version of the Evoluce SDK for Kinect that will be announced at a later date, so stay tuned. Hopefully we will receive more information on it by then.

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