Google Chrome OSIt looks like Google isn’t satisfied with only having its Chrome OS on netbooks aka Chromebooks. Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, recently shared in Taiwan to PC manufacturers about the benefits of having Chrome OS-powered desktops. However, it looks like PC manufacturers aren’t buying the idea and are rather pessimistic about selling Chrome-powered desktops – despite Chrome OS’ features such as fast boot up time, no viruses, and no costs.

This pessimism apparently stems from the lack of demand for Chromebooks; if nobody was going to buy netbooks with Chrome OS, why would people buy desktops with Chrome OS? One of the main features of Chrome OS is its cloud integration – because everything is saved online, you could basically lose or destroy the current Chromebook you have, pick up a new one and continue right where you left off. However, because it relies on having an internet connection to function, this advantage turns into a disadvantage that usually meant a useless netbook when in places with poor or no internet services.

And the fact that you can pretty much do everything that Chrome OS  does within the confines of the Chrome browser makes it redundant to install Chrome OS an operating system on a computer. Except for the fast boot and lack of viruses, there’s really not too much going for it at the moment. What do you think? Would you like to see Chrome OS-powered desktops in the future?

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