Fingerprint drug testerIt looks like drug tests won’t have to involve visiting the clinic and giving up a sample of your blood anymore. The folks over at Intelligent Fingerprinting have come up with a new device that makes drug testing easy and convenient. All users have to do is press their fingers against the device for it to collect the sweat contained in fingerprints. The device can then detect drugs or other substances from the sweat and enable mobile testing with instant results.

The compact form factor of the fingerprint testing device is an added bonus, making it convenient and easy to bring everywhere. It can be applied in forensic science, homeland security, prisons, workplaces, even to sporting events to test athletes right on the spot!

The first prototype of this device will be able to test for drugs of abuse and is scheduled to go into full production next year. Future versions of the machine will be able to test more drugs and possible health markers that can be found in fingerprints, which would make it fit for purposes like road side drug driver screening and on-job drug tests.

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