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Qualcomm 3D Sonic In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor In 2019 Devices
Qualcomm has announced its 3D Sonic In-Screen Fingerprint sensor at its Snapdragon Summit 2018. It is a bit of a re-branding of the Qualcomm Sense ID ultrasonic fingerprint reader we covered back in 2015. However, it seems now ready for prime time since partners will ship it in 2019 phones.

How Fingerprint Sensors Work
Fingerprint scanners are fast becoming a standard feature, trickling from the high-end to lower-tier phones. Soon enough, they will be on most phones because they bring a convenient form of security that is much more convenient than a password (and long password!) and much more secure than a 4-digit PIN code. Let’s see how they work.

Qualcomm Sense ID: Next-Gen Fingerprint Reader
While we typically hear about Qualcomm for its Snapdragon mobile processors, the San Diego based company has announced a next-Gen fingerprint reading technology, which is based on ultrasound, which makes it possible to perceive the fingerprints in 3-dimensions. This is a step up from the 2D-based fingerprint reading methods that are commonly employed.

Barclays To Deliver Finger Scanner For Online Banking Purposes
Barclays has worked alongside Hitachi in order to develop a biometric reader which will rely on the latter’s Finger Vein Authentication Technology, or Vein ID as it is called, so that one will be able to perform online banking transactions – with a greater degree of security, of course. After all, the use of veins instead of fingerprints are attributed to a greater level of security simply because it is […]


Pantech Has Plans For Smartphone With Fingerprint Recognition Sensor
Pantech, a player in the smartphone market that hails from South Korea, has recently gotten off to a good start for their Pantech Vega Secret in its home country, that is, South Korea. What other kinds of goodies does Pantech have in store for us then? Well, the company is said to be working on rolling out a new high end Android-powered smartphone which will feature a 5” display, and […]

Purported iPhone 5S Home Button Flex Cable Hints At Fingerprint Sensor
Earlier today Apple finally sent out the invites for its September 10th iPhone event. One of the smartphones that the company will launch that day is the iPhone 5S, the successor to the current iPhone. It isn’t expected to tout any major design changes, though significant improvements are expected to be made under the hood. Previous rumors have consistently suggested that a fingerprint sensor might be on-board as well, some […]

PayTango Sees Fingerprints As ‘Currency” Of The Future
What do you think the mark of the beast actually is, and what does “666” stand for in biblical prophecy? Some say it is an entirely new way of selling and buying, and a cashless society seems to be the best bet to others. Well, how about using your fingerprints as the “currency” of the future? After all, this is exactly what PayTango advocates, where this particular secure payment system […]

Intelligent Fingerprinting introduces first portable fingerprint drug testing device
It looks like drug tests won’t have to involve visiting the clinic and giving up a sample of your blood anymore. The folks over at Intelligent Fingerprinting have come up with a new device that makes drug testing easy and convenient. All users have to do is press their fingers against the device for it to collect the sweat contained in fingerprints. The device can then detect drugs or other […]

ATM equipped with more brains now
The standard ATM machine isn’t exactly smart – after all, it requires you to input the relevant PIN number and is more of a passive player than an active element. Nice to know that us humans are never happy or satisfied with where we are, hence Sberbank of Russian have come up with a new ATM design that will do away with the need for customers to talk to humans, […]

NEC launches the world’s first contactless hybrid fingerprint scanner
Do you ever get freaked out by the idea of having to touch a fingerprint scanner because it’s something that’s been used by hundreds of people that were before you? Well, fret not; NEC has just created the perfect for such a solution. They’ve just announced the commercial launch of the HS100-10 – the world’s first scanner that can simultaneously acquire fingerprint and finger vein characteristics without having to touch […]

Black Box to show off industry’s first biometric cabinet lock
Tired of losing keys or remember passwords for your safes you have at home or in the office? Fret no more. Black Box Corporation has just announced that they will be demonstrating its Intelli-Pass Biometric Access Control for Cabinets at the RSA Conference this week. With this biometric lock, all you need to open your precious safe is a fingerprint from you. The difference between Black Box’s lock and the […]

FingerPrint app for Mac does AirPrint for left behind printers
Printing a document is never as easy as it sounds, and while Apple intended to make it dummy proof with its AirPrint app, they still left out the Mac printer-sharing functionalities which were touted to arrive alongside Mac OS X 10.6.5. Basically, this means you can only take advantage of AirPrint with the unreleased iOS 4.2 would be to purchase a new printer from HP that does have the AirPrint-compatible […]

Concept: Ekey Biometric Security Device
With security increasingly important nowadays, a design has come up with an interesting concept device called the Ekey, which is a small gadget that acts like a personal biometric fingerprint scanner. Instead of having to install fingerprint scanners at all sorts of locations, users who carry the Ekey around will be able to plug it into devices that sport a USB connector, and authenticate themselves via fingerprint recognition.

Fingerprint identification coming to Android smartphones
Sagem Wireless have teamed up with UPEK to bring Android-powered smartphones sometime later this year which will feature fingerprint identification capabilities, although this function will also be extended to other devices from Sagem Wireless apart from the aforementioned smartphones. This ought to bring a whole new level of security for mobile applications and services, and it might spell the end of remembering a PIN number to unlock your cellphone. Expect […]