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Palm-Sized Portable Iron Runs On USB, AA Batteries To Deliver Wrinkle-Free Clothes
We know when traveling, one of the hardest things to do is to keep your clothes wrinkle-free, especially if you’re the kind of person to pack everything they’re traveling with into a large duffle bag. Sure – you could use the iron supplied by your hotel room, but what if you’re nowhere near your room and notice your entire outfit is riddled with wrinkles and you’re two minutes away from […]

Keep Your Watermelon Cool With This Portable Fridge
Summer is right around the corner, which means you’re going to be wanting to have a watermelon with you at nearly all times as it’s never a bad time to chow down on a slice of refreshing watermelon. But the trick to eating a watermelon is to keep it as cool as possible up until you slice that sucker open, which unfortunately for the human body, means we’ll have to […]

Brookstone's docking station for the iPad is portable
The problem with most speaker docks for tablets is that they tend to lean towards the not-so portable side. However if you feel like you need a set of speakers with you wherever you go to accompany the movies/music that you watch on your iPad, Brookstone’s Portable iPad Docking Station could be worth checking out.

Vibroy Portable Vibrating Speakers turns daily objects into amplifiers
If you travel a lot and you bring your laptop/tablet with you wherever you go, chances are the only way you listen to your music is either through the built-in speakers (which can prove to be less than adequate), headphones, or even portable mini speakers. Now if you’re looking for something a little louder but portable, you could consider the Vibroy Portable Vibration Speaker.


Intelligent Fingerprinting introduces first portable fingerprint drug testing device
It looks like drug tests won’t have to involve visiting the clinic and giving up a sample of your blood anymore. The folks over at Intelligent Fingerprinting have come up with a new device that makes drug testing easy and convenient. All users have to do is press their fingers against the device for it to collect the sweat contained in fingerprints. The device can then detect drugs or other […]

ZyXEL MWR102 portable wireless router
Travelers on the go probably have multiple device that could use a wireless internet connection, such as tablets, smartphones and laptops. Unfortunately sometimes not all hotels or locations provide free WiFi, sometimes providing users with a single LAN cable to connect their laptop, leaving smartphones and tablets out of the picture. If you’re such a traveler and you require all your devices to be connected, ZyXEL has announced their MWR102 […]

Acer, ASUS to adopt fiberglass casings for future ultrabooks?
One of the reasons why computer manufacturers are slow in adopting ultrabooks, even though they want to, is due to the costs of manufacturing. Now in order to reduce the costs of manufacturing and hopefully find a way to undercut Apple’s MacBook Air, Digitimes has reported that both Acer and ASUS are turning to an alternative material to be used as the casing of their ultrabooks.

ViewSonic announces PLED-W200 and PLED-W500 portable LED projectors
ViewSonic has just announced the launch of two projectors in its new portable LED projector line: the PLED-W200 and PLED-W500. Designed for folks on the go i.e. travelling business men, on-the-road presenters, the projectors feature a 20,000 hour-long lamp life and packs 3D-ready capabilities (I guess for those downtimes when you’re not presenting and want to just kick back and watch some 3D movies in your hotel). The projectors even […]

JBL On Tour iBT UFO shaped Bluetooth speakers
If you’re shopping around for a set of portable speakers to take with you while on the go, JBL may have the answer for you with their JBL On Tour iBT speakers that is available for a price of $199.99.

AOC introduces portable USB Monitor
Love the portability of your laptop but just wish you had some extra real estate to work with? Sure, you could always connect it to an external display, but seeing how bulky and huge current monitors are – would you like to carry them around with you as well? AOC, a company that specializes in computer monitors has announced the launch of a new solution for folks always on the […]

Gigabyte A2 Tiny hard drive is lighter-sized
When you think of portable hard disks, the word tiny probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Well, that’s what we thought until Gigabyte announced its latest portable hard disk in Taiwan, the A2 Tiny. Looking like some sort of fancy cigarette lighter, it has a huge capacity for something of its size – 160GB which should be more than enough for storing and moving around most of […]

LaCie Rugged Mini is one tough hard drive
Looking for a portable hard drive that can handle the abuse of being dropped or bumped against a wall – not because you purposely like to throw electronics around, but because you have butter fingers. Well you’re in luck, because they actually make products for people like you! LaCie has just announced a new addition to its lineup of shock- and drop-resistant portable hard drives; the Rugged Mini.

Xbox 360 slim laptop lets you game on the go – almost
The DIY community has been coming up with portable versions of home gaming consoles for quite some time now, but they’re usually a one-of creation, with the modders having no plans to do another version of the same model. But not Ed. This hardware modder has decided to start up his own business selling Xbox 360 Slim laptops and boy they sure are impressive.

Stealth Little PCs pack a punch
Stealth Company, a computer systems manufacturer known for their rugged hardware have announced a new series of powerful, small form factor PCs. Called the Little PC 670, these tiny computers are amazing space savers. If you’re constantly on the move, but want the luxury of a full sized monitor, the Little PC 670 can make life much easier for you. Since they are so small – measuring only 6.54″ x […]

Samsung to release new SuperSpeed USB 3.0 external hard drives
Samsung has just announced a new family of hard disk drives that will be adopting the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface. With the ability to transfer data at up to 5 Gb/s – 10 times the data transfer rate of USB 2.0, it will let users move a 25GB full HD movie in just four minutes. The M2 Portable will be an entry-level model and the C2 Portable 3.0 will be […]

Nintendo 3DS Review
Nintendo 3DS Review - This in-depth review of the Nintendo 3DS covers its design, select games and the effects of stereo 3D on games and the user experience.

TDK Sound Cube: a box full of music
It looks like TDK is really intent on bringing back the old school to today’s modern world. Following up their Boombox from last week, they’ve gone ahead and released a new addition to their Life on Record audio series. This 9.8″ cube has two 5-1/4″ full-range coax drivers and the other two sides are unfortunately only passive reflectors that look like speakers. And if you haven’t figured out by now, […]

Brainwavz B2 earphones look like candy
Brainwavz has just announced the addition of a new pair of high-end earphones to their lineup. The Brainwavz B2 is touted to be their highest-end earphones to date, offering a balanced and detailed sound signature.Featuring wonderful midranges, a crisp clarity in the highs as well as bass that can be described as “just right”, all segments of the sound spectrum are well represented, making the B2 an ideal solution for […]

Walk around with drums in your jeans
If regular drums kits were to be known for one thing, it wouldn’t be portability. Electronic drum kits that take up a smaller area seem to rectify the problem, but they still weren’t as convenient to bring around as an acoustic guitar or a flute. A young engineer named Aseem Mishra realized this problem and wanted a way to easily bring drums around, so he built them into a pair […]

Portable NES Console lets you play Zelda on the go
If you’re too retro for playing old school games on a modern gaming console like the PSP or your cellphone, this portable NES console mod is just for you. A modder named Doug recently finished creating his own portable NES console, and it looks fantastic. Good thing for us, he detailed the whole process from the start to finish, so if you’re interested in building yourself a portable NES, you […]