Could a permanent eye color change be yet another hot new trend in the world of celebrities, glamor and perhaps, even crime? I suppose so, as a doctor in Laguna Beach, California, managed to discover a way to permanently transform brown eyes to blue. No, he does not require you to drink an unidentifiable brew that comprises of yucky ingredients, and neither is he a quack – rather, he relies on a laser that will zap all the brown pigments in the iris. Once the procedure is complete in under a minute, your eyes will change color gradually over a two- to three-week period. As the destroyed melanin are shed slowly but surely, the blue color that was previously concealed by the melanin will reveal itself.

This would mean it is a whole lot easier to dress up as a Smurf or Mystique the next time you want to win a Halloween costume party. Gregg Homer filed a patent on the procedure a decade ago, where he has hopes for this treatment to arrive Stateside in around three years time. As for the cost for a permanent eye color change? We’re looking at a cool $5,000 here. I guess it would be far cheaper and better to just get a bunch of colored contact lenses, what do you think?

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