I believe that some of us feel that there are just certain insects that we can live without, and surely cockroaches and mosquitoes would rank among them? Here is yet another technique that intends to keep our winged nemesis at bay – where it will involve lasers as well as infrared light, making it a more realistic manner of ensuring no mosquitoes get within your parameter – all without expending additional energy to vaporize each and every one of them critters .

Currently, the majority of anti-mosquito technology is like a certain form of rubbery birth control, where it depends on physical barriers including nets. It is rather unfortunate that nets tend to be damage prone, and if you use sprays that affect mosquito’s sense of smell, those do not last that long. Szabolcs Márka, an associate professor at Columbia University whom you can see on the right, decided that an infrared laser light “shield” can be placed across windows and doors, and heck -even projected onto the floor so that you seemingly cast an impenetrable “spell” around you for a nice, peaceful sleep.

I can just envision you wearing a wizard’s hat and shouting, “Thou shall not pass!”, although those mosquitoes around you will definitely be the extreme opposite in terms of size compared to the Balrog in the Lord of the Rings.

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