Audio enthusiasts who are looking to boost the audio levels and quality on their devices, such as gaming consoles, HDTVs, computers, or small sets of speakers will be pleased to know that Orb Audio has released the Booster. The Booster is a mini-amplifier that allows users to connect and manage up to four components as well as a set of speakers, all of which can be controlled by a single remote.

For audiophiles, the Booster probably does not sit up there amongst the ranks of some of the top-end amplifiers, but for casual users looking to get a boost in audio to some of their peripherals at home, the Booster packs 20 watts per channel along with four stereo inputs – two RCA, two mini-jacks – along with a subwoofer and speaker connectors. If you’re looking to get more control out of the Booster, you could be disappointed as it does not feature bass/treble control knobs, instead relying on software equalizers found on devices such as the iPod or software like iTunes/WinAmp/Windows Media Player.

As we said, the Booster does not appear to be catered towards the discerning audiophile, which means that at $164, it does appear to lean a bit more towards the affordable spectrum for the average consumer. For more information you can head on down to Orb Audio’s website, where you will also be able to place your order should you choose to do so

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