Video showing a Drone Beetle in a wind tunnel - at super high speed

If you have been watching scientific documentaries, you have probably noticed the sharp increase in high speed cameras usage. Any impact, shock or motion is now shown in details that our eyes could never perceive. Vision Research is one of the companies providing this type of cameras, and they just announced the 3rd generation of PhantomMiro M-Series.

The Miro M120 can capture at 1920×1200 at a framerate of 730 frames per second (FPS), at 1920×1080 (1080p) at 800FPS or 1152×1152 at 1200FPS. If capturing at a lower resolution, the M120 can capture at up to 200,000FPS, which is an astounding speed.

The Miro M310 has a slightly lower capture resolution of 1280×800, but can capture at 3200FPS in that resolution and can reach up to 400,000FPS if the resolution is decreased. Of course, the images have to go somewhere, and those cameras can come with 3GB, 6GB or 12GB of memory. Given the recording speed, this is not a lot of storage, but ultra-fast storage is expensive. How much would you ask? The cameras start at $25,000 and will ship in mid-January 2012. For video galleries, check this out.

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