Not too long ago the Stuxnet worm was discovered, and it seems that according to security analysts, if not dealt with quickly the Stuxnet worm could be exploited by hackers and allow them to remotely open the doors of maximum security prison.

It seems that the security systems in most American prisons, along with other industrial sites, are run by special computer equipment called industrial control systems (ICS). These are not only used to control the doors to maximum security prisons, but also used to control power plants, water treatment facilities and other critical national infrastructures.

As it turns out, attacking the system did not prove to be too difficult of a task, with the researchers successfully launching an “attack” with the help of some equipment bought online along with a basement workspace. Imagine the chaos that would ensue should a hacker successfully launch an attack, which makes us glad that they caught this worm in time before real major damage was done.

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