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White House Reportedly Testing Non-BlackBerry Devices For Use
BlackBerry isn’t doing so hot at the moment, but perhaps that might change with the release of the BlackBerry Z3 and the BlackBerry Q20, but for now things are definitely not looking up for the Canadian company.However if there was one thing that they could count on was use of BlackBerry smartphones in government agencies, but even that seems to be going away. In fact recently according to reports, it […] Hacker Accessed 70,000 Records In Under Four Minutes problems have been well documented ever since the website was launched, and if that’s not all, it appears that there’s a gaping security vulnerability that is yet to be fixed. Even though back in November it was said that the website had been “fixed,” TrustedSec CEO David Kennedy believes otherwise. He was able to access 70,000 records within four minutes through a rudimentary attack that didn’t actually involve attacking […]

NSA Director Wants To Replace Employees With Machines
For those who have been following the news, you might recall that there was a huge fuss over how Edward Snowden, a former NSA system administrator, blew the whistle on the organization’s PRISM program which basically allowed the US government to spy on its own people. Instead of attempting to reassure the public that this was in their best interest, the program was defended and even called “lawful”, and now […]

Russian Government Begins To Selectively Censor Their Internet
We’ve heard of countries such as China who are heavily censoring the internet, and it seems that Russia has joined in as well. According to a report by The New York Times, the Russian government has recently begun enforcing a new law which was introduced in November 2012 in which they will “block Internet content that it deems illegal or harmful to children”. Now before you get up all riled […]


Regulators Propose Mandatory Black Boxes In All Automobiles
While some car manufacturers are voluntarily installing black boxes in their cars these days, it seems that federal regulators are proposing that after September 2014, all automobiles sold in the US will have to come with a black box installed. The National Transportation Safety Agency is looking to hear from residents of the US by the 11th of February on this proposed plan. Obviously the installation of these black boxes […]

FTC Weighs on Facial Recognition Data and Services
It’s not new that Facial Recognition does work: London had built an extensive security apparatus around that in recent years. There is also no question that the technology itself has become very reliable, but what’s new is that it has made its way to consumer products and service at a rate never seen before. Recently, Facebook has added facial recognition to automatically “tag” photos, which created more notifications, which ultimately […]

US Immigration switches from Blackberry to iPhone
It has been reported by Reuters that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency is switching from Blackberry to iPhone as the “standard-issue” handset for its employees. So far, about 17600 employees are scheduled to get an iPhone, a contract estimated at $2.1M according to the report (that’s a bizarre $119 per phone. Group discount maybe?).RIM “can no longer meet the mobile technology needs of the agency”, says the federal […]

U.S. Government wants military to use Android phones
According to reports online, some U.S. officials this year are expected to get Android devices for the handling of classified government documents over cellular networks. While the issue has been discussed in the past before, it looks like the plans have finally been set into motion. The Android phones will first roll out to U.S. soldiers, federal agencies and then local governments and corporations eventually.

Argentinian government supposedly blocked sales of iPhone and Blackberry smartphones [Updated]
We know that Apple’s iPhone is not cheap, even it’s supposed budget offering of the 8GB iPhone 4 is by no means affordable compared to other low-end Android smartphones out there. Apparently this has become such an issue that the Argentinian government has deemed it necessary to put a temporary halt on iPhone and Blackberry sales while it attempts to stabilize the country’s economy.

Stuxnet worm could allow hackers to open maximum security prison doors remotely
Not too long ago the Stuxnet worm was discovered, and it seems that according to security analysts, if not dealt with quickly the Stuxnet worm could be exploited by hackers and allow them to remotely open the doors of maximum security prison.

German hackers accuse German government of creating trojan
If you watch movies such as Die Hard 4.0, you’ll know that governments in general do not hold much love for hackers and viruses, but what happens when the government itself is accused of developing a virus? While that sounds like it could be a plot for a movie, German hackers called the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) have discovered a trojan which they’re claiming was written by the German government.

India may ban Blackberry devices if they don't conform to security demands
In terms of smatphone platform market share, it’s no secret that Android is in the lead and in a recent study, it revealed that Android currently controls just over 40% of the smartphone platform market share. RIM in the past might have been one of the big boys but according to recent study the company isn’t doing so well and is on the decline.

ooVoo and Skype now usable in the House of Representatives
After a year-long push by the Republicans in the House of Representatives, it looks like they finally got what they want. It has been reported that the members of the House of Representatives will be allowed to use VoIP services like ooVoo and Skype for official communications.

Elite UK Police Agency Hit By LulzSec
Yesterday the hacker group LulzSec announced that they have teamed up with hacktivists Anonymous to bring down government and banking websites and it looks like they have kept true to their word in a tweet saying “Tango down – – in the name of #AntiSec”.For those who are wondering the website in question belongs to the UK’s elite police force, the Serious Organised Crime Agency got taken offline in […]