We have smartphones, smart homes, smart cars and smart TVs, but what about smart watches? The WIMM that you see above which is powered by the Android operating system from Google might be the next big thing, especially among Android users. Developer kits for it has already started to ship, so we can expect to see more and more apps appearing on the Android Market for it assuming there is a large enough user base of the WIMM watch to begin with.

The ladies will most probably run away from this like the plague, since it comes in a form factor that is far from appealing, sporting a black, square plastic with a rather boring looking gray LCD display. When you touch it, however, it is a totally different story as it lights up in color. Bear in mind that this is one huge timepiece, so if you have a wrist that has a tiny circumference, you might think twice before wearing it outside.

Whenever your smartphone rings, the watch which is connected to it via Bluetooth will buzz, letting you know who is calling, and you can send that caller to voicemail land if you want from the watch itself. Apart from that, it will also hook up to Google Calendar via Wi-Fi, letting you access your appointments with but a glance and a few touches. Would you want to see more of such smart watches in the future?

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