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Magellan Echo Fit Smartwatch
This year at CES we will see zillions new smart watches and wearables, so Magellan, a historical GPS maker could not resist the trend. We have not seen the device for real yet, but so far it looks good on the paper. What sets the Echo Fit apart other smartwatches is its long battery life, thanks to the coin-cell battery, the device will last 6-8 months on a single charge! […]

LG G Watch Review
LG has been teasing us with its Watch for a while, but it was finally announced and demonstrated during Google IO. We have been using one ever since we posted our first impressions and the goal for this review if to give you a good sense for how it feels to use one in the real-world for a couple of weeks. As you know, LG has chosen to align their […]

LG G Watch: On Our Wrists @ Google I/O
At Google I/O, LG was finally ready to present and demonstrate its G Watch to the world. We’ve, met with the LG G Watch design team along with executives who flew in from Korea.The G Watch is designed to be a practical smart watch. It is water and dust-proof (IP67), button-less, obey voice commands, and responds to simple motion gestures. It is easy to recharge thanks to a magnetic dock […]

Apple iWatch Using Solar And Kinetic Charging?
According to a New York Times article, Apple could very well come out with alternative energy sources for their smart watch (aka iWatch) in the form of solar energy or kinetic (motion) energy. It is just about certain that Apple worries about two main issues with smart watches: battery life and bulky designs. The good news is that design constraints will get better over time as long as smart watches […]


Qualcomm Toq Hands-On Review: Mirasol Display Is the Star
Earlier today, the Qualcomm Toq was announced by Qualcomm’s CEO Dr. Paul E. Jacobs at Uplinq, and we managed to grab the Toq that Rob Chandhok (Qualcomm SVP) had with him. As you can see, the smart watch design is slightly big, just like other products in this category. At the moment, there is no way around this since the technology is getting just small and low-power enough to enable […]

Samsung Smart Watch Expected To Launch Alongside Galaxy Note 3 [Rumor]
We’ve heard a lot of rumors about Apple’s alleged iWatch device, although whether such a device truly exists remains to be seen. However it seems that in the meantime while the iWatch has yet to make its debut, it looks like Apple’s competitors will be beating the Cupertino company to the punch with their own smart watches. According to the reports, it seems that Samsung will be debuting their own […]

Pebble Smart Watches Passes 275,000 Preorder Mark
Pebble Smart Watch passes the 275,000 preorder mark.

Qualcomm TOQ Trademark Filed, Hints At Possible Smart Watch
It seems that everyone is interested in creating smart watches these days. While smart watches aren’t exactly new, it is possible that the success of Kickstarter projects like Pebble have made tech giants sit up and take notice of a possible new product line. So far we’ve seen companies such as Samsung, LG, Google, and even Apple show interest (some of it is rumored), and now it looks like Qualcomm […]

Meteor By Kreyos Is A Gesture-Controlled Smart Watch
There seems to be a fair number of smart watches released these days, with Sony’s Smartwatch 2 being the latest. In fact if you believe the rumors, Apple could be interested as well with the rumor release of an iWatch device in the future. In any case while some of us wait for the realization of the actual product, iOS users might be interested in something a little less official […]

Androidly Delivers Android Smart Watch
Androidly is said to offer the first full featured Android smart watch in the world, and such a lofty claim certainly needs some looking into. Anyone out there care to dispute that? The Androidly smart watch does not make or receive calls only, but it even comes with a 2” capacitive touchscreen display which should be able to cater for text messages, emails, music, and games, among others. Granted, 2” […]

Apple iWatch Reportedly Being Tested With 1.5-Inch OLED Display
New reports are coming in saying Apple is currently testing 1.5-inch OLED displays for use in a smartwatch.

Google Smart Watch Concept Shows What Could Be
As it stands, there are several rumors floating around that a couple of companies could be interested in making a smart watch of their own, such as smart watches from both Apple and Microsoft. While those rumors have yet to pan out, the folks at T3 have put together a concept on what they think a Google-made smart watch could look like. We guess since this is merely a watch, […]

Apple Interested In A Smart Watch Of Their Own? [Rumor]
With the previous design of the iPod nano, many accessory manufacturers took the opportunity to create watch straps that would accommodate the device, essentially turning the iPod nano into a watch-like device. Now we’ve seen several smart watches created in the past, such as the Pebble smart watch, but if the rumors are to be believed, it seems that Apple could be interested in such a device themselves. According to […]

iPhone-Supported Smart Watches Unveiled By Casio
Smart watches are a cool and catching trend. They usually hook up nice with a smartphone and keep you informed of any incoming calls, emails or text messages. A number of smart watches have hit the market in the recent past.Casio released a smart watch earlier this year but it was compatible only with a few Android phones in Japan. Now, the company is trying to amass a more international […]

WIMM smart watch runs on Android
We have smartphones, smart homes, smart cars and smart TVs, but what about smart watches? The WIMM that you see above which is powered by the Android operating system from Google might be the next big thing, especially among Android users. Developer kits for it has already started to ship, so we can expect to see more and more apps appearing on the Android Market for it assuming there is […]