magellan-echo_fit_familyThis year at CES we will see zillions new smart watches and wearables, so Magellan, a historical GPS maker could not resist the trend. We have not seen the device for real yet, but so far it looks good on the paper. What sets the Echo Fit apart other smartwatches is its long battery life, thanks to the coin-cell battery, the device will last 6-8 months on a single charge! (According to the manufacturer) Battery life is THE main concerns of consumers when it comes to wearable technology, because no one want to think about charging a watch every day.

From the pictures, we can see that the display is black and white, and it is easy to guess that was the key feature for Magellan to save power and offer months of autonomy. Personally I do not mind the black and white display, as long as I guess the notifications and the information I need, I am happy to trade it off for ultra-long battery life.

The Echo Fit connect to the Smartphone via Bluetooth and is mainly dedicated to fitness, the high end model integrates a heart rate monitor in, which is hopefully powerful enough to be accurate. Users can check their daily steps, distance walked or run, calories burned and sleep quality directly on the Echo Fit.  The Echo Fit is available now from online retailers, for $129.99 or $179.99 with Heart Rate Monitor.

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