Google’s Chrome 15 is now officially the most popular Web browser in the world, after overtaking the likes of Internet Explorer 8 – at least in the books of Web analytics firm StatCounter. This is the first time that Chrome 15 has achieved such a lofty rank, edging out its Microsoft rival barely for the week between November 21 and 27, collecting 23.63% of the global browser market share, which is 0.13% more than IE8’s 23.5% market share. As for Mozilla’s Firefox 8, that browser is far behind them with 12.12% of worldwide usage in third place.

It does not look as though Chrome 15’s worldwide popularity is going to slow down anytime soon, where between week of December 5 and 11, Chrome 15 still edged out IE8 overall, and was even the more popular choice during the regular workday. It seems that plenty of people used Chrome on weekends at home before, and now even at the workplace, Chrome has also caught up in the popularity stakes, showing no signs of weakness either. Of course, if you take Internet Explorer into account on the overall basis, it is still the more popular version, owning around 40% of the worldwide usage.

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