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How To Restore Recently Closed Tabs
Accidents happen sometimes and you end up closing one or more important tabs in your browser unintentionally. However, there is nothing to fret about because there is a simple way to restore your recently closed tabs in most browsers. If you are using one of the popular browsers which include but not limited to Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and more then you can easily restore your recently closed tabs […]

Firefox Finally Gets Push Notifications
One of the most popular internet browsers is finally getting a feature that many have been waiting for. The Google Chrome web browser has had the ability to send push notifications for quite some time now and Firefox users will be delighted to find out that today their browser of choice is getting the same ability as well. It will enable websites to send push notifications to users even when […]

Microsoft Brands Ask Toolbar As Malware
Toolbars have been around for almost as long as web browsers have, be it Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome, you’ll find countless toolbars that want to live inside the web browser you use and somehow add value to your browsing experience. Many of us though like to stay well away from such third-party toolbars because often they end up causing more harm than benefit. Microsoft has taken that same view against the […]

Firefox For iOS Release Nears As Mozilla Starts Seeking Beta Testers
The web browser of choice for millions of people around the world will soon be launching on iOS. Mozilla has started recruiting beta testers for Firefox for iOS. It has been working on this project for quite some time and naturally Firefox fans have been anxiously to see this browser up and running on iOS. The start of beta testing shows that the company has come a long way since […]


Google Glass Receives Its First Web Browser
Over the past couple of months, we’ve seen a number of applications make their way to Google Glass that allows you to post on Facebook, browse Reddit and even a Twitter application, but up until now, it hasn’t been possible to browse websites using the wearable computer. Google today has finally launched website browser to Google Glass.

Is Microsoft Planning to Limit Your Browser Choice on Windows 8 Tablets?
Despite Microsoft’s newly upgraded Internet Explorer web browser, many people are still opting for browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. However, a blog post by Mozilla indicates that Microsoft is allegedly planning to limit user choice for web browsers on the tablets that will run Microsoft’s upcoming OS, Windows 8.

Dolphin Browser now on the BlackBerry PlayBook
BlackBerry PlayBook users who have been waiting patiently for the Dolphin Browser to arrive on their tablet should be ecstatic that the day has finally arrived. Dolphin announced today that the browser which was only on iOS and Android previously is now available on the BlackBerry PlayBook. The browser arrives at version 7.2 which means users get to use the Webzine features as well as custom Gesture-enabled browsing on the […]

OverSkreen brings windowed browsing to Android
While most of us seem to have left the windowed browsing era behind with the introduction of tabbed browsing, it looks like it’s coming back – but this time it’s on Android. The folks over at MBFG have come up with a new browser called OverSkreen – a floating browser that lets you browse the internet while running other apps as well, thanks to its windowed design. This means you […]

Google Chrome web browser updated
Google released Chrome for Android yesterday, and today it pushed out an update for the desktop version of its web browser. The latest stable version of Chrome now has features that were present in the beta version of Chrome that was released last month. This means users will get an improved Omnibox that autocompletes URLs to sites you’re likely to visit, and Chrome will even prerender the page so that […]

Chrome 15 is most popular browser in the world
Google’s Chrome 15 is now officially the most popular Web browser in the world, after overtaking the likes of Internet Explorer 8 – at least in the books of Web analytics firm StatCounter. This is the first time that Chrome 15 has achieved such a lofty rank, edging out its Microsoft rival barely for the week between November 21 and 27, collecting 23.63% of the global browser market share, which […]

Chrome browser zips past Firefox market share
A lot of thing can happen in a year, let alone three – and one of the more notable achievements of Google’s Chrome Web browser would be the fact that it has finally zipped past Firefox when it comes to being the second ranked browser in terms of popularity, at least according to StatCounter with their collection of data. It is said that Chrome commands 25.69% of the global browser […]

Opera Mini and Opera Mobile web browser updated
Users of the Opera Mini or Opera Mobile web browser on their phones will be pleased to know that the company has pushed out updates to its browsers on all platforms, giving them all features that hit the Android variants last month. Opera Mini is now up to version 6.5 for iOS, S60, J2ME and BlackBerry, while Opera Mobile is now version 11.5 for S60 and Opera Labs is now […]

Google Chrome with Touch UI revealed in pictures
Despite affirmations from Google about how Chrome OS is designed for notebooks (better known as Chromebooks), more evidence that they’re taking the operating system into a tablet-friendly market has surfaced. The folks over at Chrome Story stumbled upon a Chrome OS daily build for Tegra 2 devices a week ago (which can’t be shared at the moment) and now they’ve managed to dig up screenshots of the Google Chrome web […]

Nook Touch comes with hidden Web browser
Now lookee here, it seems that the new Barnes & Noble Nook Touch e-reader device does have its very own Web browser, and to top it all off, accessing it is a whole lot easier than most people would think – there is no need to root the new Nook Touch, as the Web browser itself is hidden within the search feature. No idea on when Barnes & Noble intended […]