The world’s population currently stands at 7 billion plus as of this year, and it goes without saying that unless something catastrophic happens, the figure is going to continue to climb exponentially. Having said that, game designers have many aspects to approach their games from, especially when it comes to the difficulty level and complexity within a game’s environment, not to mention its mechanics and physics. As we all know, you cannot please everyone, but you try to please most people in order to maximize your target audience. Well, some games in the past used to be too darn difficult to complete or progress without a guide book, leading to devices like the Game Genie. All the above just leads me to this point – gaming is big business, and gaming hardware changes rather frequently to ride the latest wave in technology. Digital Storm started a blog known as DS Unlocked which will deliver useful and honest expert advice for enthusiasts as well as hardcore gamers. Each week, this blog will feature how-to guides, videos, articles, exclusive deals, giveaways and reviews on the latest technology.

Rajeev Kuruppu, Digital Storm’s Director of Product Development says, “Our goal with DS Unlocked is to help make our customers better gamers by giving them loads of insider information and insight that’s available all in one place. Digital Storm’s team of engineers are offering years’ worth of industry experience and expertise for free. Whether it’s how to properly benchmark your PC or how to get the most out of the latest games, like Battlefield 3, DS Unlocked will give you all the intel you need to up your game.” [Press Release]

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