I would like to think that Digital Storm’s claim that their Bolt is the thinnest gaming PC in the world is limited to those mass produced models, and not hand-crafted ones. Heck, even a custom made gaming PC chassis would be tricky if it were to measure 3.6 inches wide, so I guess that the Bolt does have its fair share of success to that claim.

In fact, Digital Storm has announced that they will be offering a Titan Edition of its award winning Bolt, and thanks to the inclusion of the spanking new NVIDIA GTX Titan (which is the world’s fastest graphics card), it will make use of similar technology that powers Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Titan, which has been deemed to be the world’s fastest supercomputer.

How can something so slim remain cool operationally? This was made possible by the Bolt’s unique ventilation system, making the Bolt one of the only systems in its class that is capable of handling the powerful GTX Titan. There are vents located near each critical component, not to mention large top and rear vents that do their bit to eliminate any stagnant air remaining within the system, while there is also a dedicated air channel that was created by a slotted side vent to cool the power supply.

Having said that, the Digital Storm Bolt Titan Edition is not going to come cheap – at $2,499 a pop.

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