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Digital Storm Unveils 34-inch AIO Desktop Gaming PC With Curved Display
When you think of AIO desktop systems, what you’re probably thinking of are computers designed to help save space and take up as little room on your table as possible. Also given that they tend to be compact, it also means in terms of power, certain compromises have to be made, or at least that’s what we thought until we saw the Digital Storm Aura.

Play Grand Theft Auto 5 At Max Settings With This GTA-Themed PC
So you’ve got your hands on Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5 for the PC, but your rig at the moment isn’t capable of running the game at the higher settings, let alone in 4K, but is upgrading worth it? It’ll probably set you back a small fortune but here’s the good news, you might not have to because Rockstar has recently announced a contest in which they will be giving […]

Digital Storm’s Bolt 3 Gaming Rig Features A Full Glass Panel
Digital Storm is a company that might come to mind when thinking about buying a PC designed specifically for gaming. The company has also been known to craft some pretty good-looking devices which is why their latest Bolt 3 compact computer is no exception. The Bolt 3 has been designed for gamers who prioritize compactness and it certainly delivers.What makes the Bolt 3 stand out is the use of a […]

Digital Storm Teases Steam Machine For CES 2014
When it comes to gaming PCs, Digital Storm is a company that has released some pretty impressive (and beautiful looking) products in the past. Now it looks like they are back again and this time instead of announcing a new PC meant for gamers, they have announced their own Valve approved Steam Machine. At the moment the exact specifications of Digital Storm’s take on the Steam Machine remains somewhat a […]


Digital Storm Hailstorm II Is Pure Gaming PC Pedigree
If you are one who cannot get enough of benchmarks, and are always on the lookout to ensure that your hardware is on the cutting edge of things, then you might want to consider picking up the Digital Storm Hailstorm II, assuming your current gaming PC is on its last legs, and is long overdue for a replacement. The Digital Storm Hailstorm II comes with enough space to stash up […]

Digital Storm Bolt Is Thinnest Gaming PC In The World
I would like to think that Digital Storm’s claim that their Bolt is the thinnest gaming PC in the world is limited to those mass produced models, and not hand-crafted ones. Heck, even a custom made gaming PC chassis would be tricky if it were to measure 3.6 inches wide, so I guess that the Bolt does have its fair share of success to that claim. In fact, Digital Storm […]

Digital Storm Unveils Aventum II Gaming Rig With New Cooling System
[CES 2013] Digital Storm is a name known by gamers as a company that puts out some pretty decent gaming computers, both desktop and laptop, and it looks like for CES 2013, the company has taken the wraps off their latest gaming rig in the form of the Aventum II, the successor to 2012’s Aventum which was primarily known for its liquid cooling system. Since gaming rigs tend to draw […]

Digital Storm’s Bolt gaming machine claims to be future-proof
Of course, we would not expect anyone to take Digital Storm’s claim for their Bolt gaming PC to be future-proof, as any gamer worth his or her salt knows that this is not how the gaming world works, especially when it comes to hardware. Still, if you are interested to see what the Bolt is all about, read on – it comes with a custom designed chassis that delivers an […]

Digital Storm unveils X17E gaming laptop
Gamers if you’re looking forward to getting your hands on a new gaming laptop, you might want to check out Digital Storm’s latest offering in the X17E. Sporting a 17” display, Digital Storm is calling this particular model the fastest gaming laptop, and while its hardware certainly sounds like it could be true, we guess only real world tests will be able to prove that.

Digital Storm updates its gaming rigs with Intel's Ivy Bridge processor
Gamers if you’re shopping about for a new gaming rig, you might want to take note that Digital Storm has recently upgraded their entire line of gaming desktops and notebooks with Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge processor. According to Rajeev Kuruppu, Digital Storm’s Director of Product Management, “We’ve tested Ivy Bridge in every one of our systems and we’ve measured extraordinary overclocks at 4.8GHz at unbelievably low temperatures across the board.” When […]

Digital Storm's Marauder gaming computers are affordable
When it comes to gaming rigs, usually the prices associated with such setups can be heart stopping. Given the high-end specs and the overall power of such machines, we guess it can’t be helped. However this time around Digital Storm is looking to capture a wider audience by introducing its latest Marauder gaming rig lineup. Would-be customers will be able to choose between four different setups ranging from Level 1-4, […]

DS Unlocked offers panacea for gaming PC headaches
The world’s population currently stands at 7 billion plus as of this year, and it goes without saying that unless something catastrophic happens, the figure is going to continue to climb exponentially. Having said that, game designers have many aspects to approach their games from, especially when it comes to the difficulty level and complexity within a game’s environment, not to mention its mechanics and physics. As we all know, […]

Digital Storm gaming computer to be won at GeForce LAN 6
Do you love racing simulations like DiRT 3? Have you ever played a racing sim in a $30,000 full motion racing simulator before? And would you like to win a brand new gaming computer while you’re at it? Well, the folks over at Digital Storm have announced a contest where you can do the aforementioned activities. DiRT 3 is the game of choice, and you get to play it on […]

Digital Storm launches ODE desktop gaming PCs
Digital Storm, a company known for its highly-customizable gaming rigs will be offering its first pre-built desktop gaming PC. Called the ODE, these pre-built systems will allow gamers to purchase high-end gaming computers without the hassle of having to select each part individually. And with the quality that Digital Storm is reputed for, they can rest assured they’ll be getting their money’s worth.“If ever there was an indictment against PC […]

Digital Storm Enix is powered by an overclocked 4.7GHz Intel Core i7 2600k processor
Don’t think your computer is powerful enough? Maybe you might want to check out the Digital Storm Enix, a desktop that is powered by Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge chipset with a Core i7 2600k processor overclocked to 4.7GHz. Of course, if your wallet isn’t fat enough, the good news is that pricing for this rig begins at $1,132, though that comes powered by a Core i3-2100 processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, […]

Digital Storm xm15 notebook comes with Core i5, i7 variants
The Digital Storm xm15 notebook offers something for everyone, as this 15-incher will ship in various hardware configurations. For starters, the base model will deliver a 2.4GHz Core i5 processor, a 1366 x 768 resolution display and NVIDIA’s 1GB 425M discrete graphics chipset. Of course, if you happen to feel loaded and have the cash to spare, why not go all out by adding a 2.67GHz Core i7 CPU to […]

Digital Storm BlackOPS computer looks sleek and cool
If Darth Vader had to use a PC, then he would most probably have settled for the Digital Storm BlackOPS computer. Made from black aluminum, this liquid cooled machine will come in a choice of three configurations, with prices starting from $1,709. At that price point, you get a 2.66GHz Core i5-750 processor, while the high end side of things which cost a whopping $3,100 will feature a 3.2GHz Intel […]