Digital-Storm-Steam-MachineWhen it comes to gaming PCs, Digital Storm is a company that has released some pretty impressive (and beautiful looking) products in the past. Now it looks like they are back again and this time instead of announcing a new PC meant for gamers, they have announced their own Valve approved Steam Machine. At the moment the exact specifications of Digital Storm’s take on the Steam Machine remains somewhat a mystery, although what we do know is that it will come with a liquid cooling system, advanced thermal management, and will come with NVIDIA’s GeForce GTA Titan graphics card as an option. It will also be able to dual-boot both Windows and SteamOS, allowing gamers to swap between platforms as needed.

We reckon this is a pretty smart move as gamers who want a bit of productivity will be able to switch between operating systems when the need arises. It will measure 4.4-inches wide, 14.1-inches deep, and 16.4-inches tall, making it a tad larger than the Xbox One, but still compact enough where it will not take up too much room, unlike the company’s previous PC offerings with towering PC cases. Unfortunately in terms of pricing, the Digital Storm Steam Machine will be priced starting at $1,469, meaning that compared to iBuypower’s Steam Machine offering of $499, this will not be as accessible. In any case check back with us during CES 2014 where we will have more information available for you.

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