Flight simulators are great tools when it comes to training pilots to perform their job flawlessly each time without having to risk crashing a real jet, not to mention the potential loss of life and belongings. Well, military pilots undergo even more strenous training compared to commercial airline pilots, as dogfights will involve a slew of movements in the plane which could prove to be too stressful for the ordinary Joe. Well, this next-generation simulator will up the ante as it resides on the end of a huge robotic arm, helping trainees get a taste of what white-knuckle 6G forces would do to you when you’re flying a supersonic fighter jet.

The robotic arm’s manhandling of pilots is said to be able to deliver the experience of performing barrel rolls or even to test out extreme turns at high speeds. Pilots sitting within the simulator will need to wear 3D-display headsets for that truly immersive experience. I wish this simulator would be “ported” over to the world of vehicle racing, especially in Formula 1 games.

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