FLOTEIf you’re always using your tablet for doing things like reading or watching videos, you’ve probably experienced pains in your neck or arms from looking down or holding the tablet up for too many hours. Well, an inventor named Dave Cutler has come up with a solution to the problem: the FLOTE. Elegant and simple, the FLOTE is a floor stand with an easily adjustable arm that can be used to hold up your tablet.

This means you no longer have to hold a tablet up to read or watch a movie, letting you enjoy your content instead of worrying about body aches. The FLOTE can also be used for other purposes – such as holding your tablet up when you’re in the kitchen and you don’t want to put it on the counter where it might get dirty, and in front of you to hold up onscreen sheet music when your hands are busy with the guitar.

Unfortunately Dave Cutler is still crowdsourcing for funds through the FLOTE’s Kickstarter page, so this useful stand might never see the light of day. However, if you’re interested in finding out more about the FLOTE or pre-ordering one, head over to its Kickstarter page. Prices start at $245 for the FLOTE with a commemorative plate and screen cloth.


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