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Angryman – a versatile iPhone stand
Remember the Piolo iPhone 4 stand that we covered last year? Well, we’ve got another iPhone stand that functions similarly and does a little more. Created by Curve Creative, and interestingly named Angryman, this simple device functions as an iPhone stand, cable tidy, and cable shortener. To use it, all you have to do is attach it to the side of your iPhone, and it will keep it propped up […]

CozyBot is one cool Android smartphone stand
If you own multiple Android devices from different manufacturers, it’s hard to find accessories that work for all of them. Especially when it comes to getting a dock – Android devices are usually of different sizes and have their charging ports at different places. Most of the time you won’t be able to use a dock for one phone with another, which can be troublesome if you don’t want to […]

FLOTE keeps your tablet in the air
If you’re always using your tablet for doing things like reading or watching videos, you’ve probably experienced pains in your neck or arms from looking down or holding the tablet up for too many hours. Well, an inventor named Dave Cutler has come up with a solution to the problem: the FLOTE. Elegant and simple, the FLOTE is a floor stand with an easily adjustable arm that can be used […]

Rocketfish PadPivot lets you use your tablet comfortably
While tablets are portable and convenient devices, they aren’t exactly comfortable to use if you’re not seated at a table or you don’t have something to prop it against. Letting it rest on your lap is usually too low  and can sometimes strain your neck, not to mention you won’t have any privacy at all if you’re in public. Well, the Rocketfish PadPivot aims to solve that problem.


ELASTICK universal music and desktop stand
Our smartphones and tablets have advanced in such a way that it can now be used as a legitimate tool to create music. There are a few music production programs that have made its way onto iOS, such as Fruity Loops and Garage Band, so it’s no surprise that musicians and performers are starting to incorporate tablets and smartphones during their performances, practice sessions or even for recording music on […]

WINGStand: a versatile stand for your iOS device
Interested in turning your Apple wireless keyboard into a keyboard for your iOS device, but you’re tired of having to keep it propped up against a stack of books just to stop it from falling? Daniel Haarburger, a student from Stanford University has come up with a unique solution to the problem. Called the WINGStand, this unique accessory for your wireless Apple keyboard turns it into the perfect stand for your […]

The InfiniteLoop is one versatile tablet/smartphone stand
Designed to work with practically any tablet, the InfiniteLoop is one versatile solution that can be used to keep your tablet/phone in an upright position no matter where you are; be it in your car, on your bed, at a desk. The InfiniteLoop is basically a strip made from metal and plastic, and it can be shaped into anyway you want to form a stand for your devices. It is […]

Piolo, the handy little stand for the iPhone 4
Sometimes things don’t have so complicated to be useful. Simple can be effective most of the time. For instance, take The Piolo. This simple “stick” may not look like much, but what it lacks in complexity, it makes up for it in usefulness. If you’re a fan of watching videos on your iPhone 4, you know how tiring it can get to hold the phone up at the right angle […]

Hinge: the eco-friendly iPad stand
If there’s one thing we like seeing all the time, it’s a product that’s green. White not entirely innovative, this Kickstarter project called Hinge for the iPad 1 + 2 did pique our interest. It is a simple, yet elegantly designed versatile stand for everybody’s favorite iOS tablet. The Hinge lets users view their iPad tablets at any viewing angle they like, depending on what they are doing. From reading, […]

Joule Chroma: a luxury stand for your iPad
Element Case, the designers of the Joule stand for the iPad have announced the launch of their new line of iPad stands called the Chroma Joule. This time around it’s been designed to hold both the iPad and the iPad. The stands are made from aircraft grade aluminum and are lined with a plush color matched Ultrasuede liner to keep your tablet safe and snug and to prevent it from […]

Hanfree stand lets you use your iPad hands-free
While Apple’s Smart Cover can do a lot of things, there’s one thing it can’t do – keep your iPad suspended in mid-air. When you want to look at your iPad while you’re not seated at a desk, this can be a problem. A bunch of designers have come up with something called the Hanfree – a cleverly designed stand that will let you use your iPad even if your […]

Targus THZ045US Rotating Stand/Case for iPad 2
The iPad 2 was officially announced yesterday, and one of the more interesting accessories that are planned to ship with the iOS tablet is Apple’s Smart Covers – covers specially designed to protect your iPad 2’s screen as well as keep it propped up for watching movies, FaceTime or typing. Well that didn’t stop other manufacturers from coming up with covers of their own as well. Targus has just announced […]

Sanwa gives your iPad a stand and speakers
Sanwa has just released a new stand for the iPad that aims to turn it into a laptop. Designed by KEYDEX, the 400-SP014 is a stand that features a cylindrical external speaker (covered in non-slip silicone) that is used to amplify the sounds coming out of your iPad and also for you to prop up your iPad against. There is also a tray for you to place your iPad keyboard […]

Elecom Bluetooth keyboard and stand
Elecom has just introduced 2 new Bluetooth 3.0 keyboards to the market – the TK-FBM023E and TK-FBM023. The Bluetooth keyboards are universal, meaning they will work with any Bluetooth enabled device such as the Apple iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and phones, as well as your PC or PS3 (I think it could probably work with the new Pokemon typing game too). The FBM023E series will come with additional function keys […]

Targus announces two new iPad accessories
[CES 2011] Targus, computer accessory specialist, has announced the launch of two new products for the iPad, designed to improve how you work with the iOS tablet. The first one is an adjustable stand for the iPad – it allows you keep your iPad upright (vertically or horizontally) for you to watch your movies or use your iPad comfortably without having to place it on your lap or strain your […]

Cool iPhone Case: iClooly Clip Stand
The iClooly clip stand for iPhone has an interesting design. Its clip hands the phone comfortably on the pocket and serves as a handle and a stand too. Now, it makes the iPhone bulkier, but the idea is quite original.