Remember the driverless car from Google? Well, that might sound like a dream for some, and for control freaks, a nightmare, but either way, the driverless car is definitely something worth talking about and introducing a dividing factor even among close family members. We are glad to bring you word that the driverless car from Google is one step closer to existing on your driveway, as a US patent for a key feature of the technology itself has been awarded to Google. This procedure will involve the use of sensors on the car in order to identify a “landing strip” that is identified by a sign or other type of marker, where a QR code painted on the surface of the road would also suffice, marking the beginning of a predetermined self-driving zone. The car will continue to confirm its current location with GPS technology, hurtling towards its destination via a combination of map data and visual landmarks. Hopefully with the next generation GPS undergoing testing at the moment, it will result in higher accuracy rates than ever before. Time to move to Nevada soon, I guess.

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