Santa Claus is one of the most beloved characters in the human psyche, where he has been called the busiest man in the North Pole. Well, watching Arthur Christmas might have planted some ideas in your head as to how he managed to send presents all over the world in just one night, but how about the rest of you out there who have a very different take on the situation? Google and NORAD have teamed up together, where the latter boasts of a tradition that tracks Santa on Christmas Eve which kickstarted in 1955.

This particular Santa tracking tradition did mature and change over the years, thanks to the advent of technology, and this year, you are able to track Santa using Google Earth and Google Maps on the NORAD Santa site. Not only that, you can also do that on your handset. Ever since December 24th, you are able to check out this website to follow Santa’s journey from the North Pole towards all the other homes around the world. Of course, since it is already the end of Christmas day, and with Boxing Day coming up upon us, you will have to wait until next year to track Santa.

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