Who would have thought that a mouthless cat would end up being one of the more popular cartoon characters, especially in Japan and for everyone else who loves super cute stuff? That is what Hello Kitty is all about, with this pasty-faced feline being all the rage among pre-pubescent girls (and older ones, of course). In fact, Hello Kitty has appeared on so many kinds of merchandise, I have more or less lost count. Heck, I even remembered playing a Game Boy game that is a Tetris-like clone, featuring blocks of Hello Kitty faces and those of her friends. Well, you can add a Hello Kitty console for vehicles to the long list (which is never ending, I swear). I spotted this over one of my friend’s Facebook posts, so thanks Andy for the tip! One thing’s for sure, it does not matter whether your vehicle is running on empty or has a full tank, Hello Kitty still has the same stoned expression. Heck, she can’t be bothered if your radiator’s busted, either, and if you’re going at 140km/h? That does not scare her one bit either.

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