One of the drawbacks to using Bluetooth powered speakers is that they constantly require charging or the changing of batteries, but HiWave Technologies is looking to change that with their new speaker technology that reportedly provides over 145 hours worth of playback before finally requiring a charge.

This new speaker module developed by HiWave Technologies is expected to go on display during CES 2012 and will be demonstrated in a new casing design. The module will be utilizing HiWave’s HIAS2001-QNC-010 amplifier chip that reportedly consumes 1/20th of the power consumed by other amplifier technologies. This is one of the main reasons why HiWave’s new speaker module will be able to use the same types of batteries used by other speaker modules, but end up lasting longer.

When plugged in to a rechargeable NiMH AA battery (3,000mAh), the speaker is said to be able to deliver up to 40 hours worth of playback, but when plugged into a recharged D-sized battery (11,000mAh), the speaker will apparently provide over 145 hours of playback. Wondering how long that actually is based on average use?

Well according to the Canadian Music Industry, the average person listens to almost 9 hours worth of music a week, which means that a speaker powered by HiWave’s speaker module with a D battery plugged into it could theoretically provide up to four months worth of usage! Of course those numbers are highly subjective depending on the user, but 145 hours worth of playback is pretty impressive as it is.

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