I can just imagine executives from lesser established motor companies take a look at Honda’s HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) which sports an engine (obviously), a motor in front, as well as two motors in the rear segment that will control the back wheels separately, and ask themselves, “What kind of sorcery is this?” Well, the whole idea of doing so is to realize a performance equivalent to that of a V8 engine while achieving a fuel efficiency that is roughly the equal of an in-line four-cylinder engine – talk about attempting to gain the best of both worlds. The Honda HEV was prototyped after the North American model of the top selling Accord.

There is no word on when the HEV will roll out, although it has already gone through the announcement stage at the 2011 Honda Meeting which happened just a couple of days ago. With both motors at the rear controlling the right and left tires, it will be able to call upon the front motor for help if a larger force is required, and if even more firepower is asked of by the driver, then the engine will come into play as well.

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