We’ve just received this Huawei Honor, aka Huawei U8860, from Hong Kong and this is what in the box: the phone itself, a 1930mAh battery (!), a charger, documentation and a USB  cable. The phone itself is light (weight w/ battery) and its design is clean both in the front and the back. While the design is neat, the phone does not “feel” as high-quality as high-end competitors on the market. Obviously, we’ll have to see about the pricing, but I can see it for $699 as an imported product.

Update: the complete Huawei Honor review has been published! Also, did you see the Huawei Honor with Ice Cream Sandwich?The software aspect is very interesting: Huawei has managed to provide a very fast user experience, and I can only praise them for doing so while using a single-core 1.4GHz Qualcomm Scorpion processor. I have seen dual-core Android phones that are slower than this. Actually, this is one of the most responsive Android handset that I have ever played with.  And I just have to launch a “Task Killer” to see why: there are very few background apps, merely 8 including email, voice search, maps, gmail, sns, browser and weather.

As for the display, it reminds me of the LG NOVA display, even the specs say that it is a regular 854×480 LCD screen. The colors are not as saturated as an AMOLED or LCD IPS, but at the moment, it seems more than good enough. I’ll publish the full review soon, but for now, check the unboxing photos.

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