California intends to become the greenest state in the US, and the Golden State has long been a champion of electric vehicle use. Well, with more and more people in that state picking up electric and hybrid vehicles as their transportation mode of choice, don’t you think it makes sense for public spaces to cater for this growing vehicle niche by providing the relevant charging points? Green-minded IKEA certainly thinks that way, where they will be expanding their solar installations to 75% of their stores, while installing electric vehicle charging facilities at their Costa Mesa store, making it the 4th IKEA location in the country that will sport such charging capabilities.


Other IKEA locations that have such installed stations include San Diego, Carson and Portland, Oregon, and IKEA also has plans to introduce similar charging stations at five other IKEA stores in the Western part of the US. To juice up your thirsty electric vehicle at the Costa Mesa store, just pull into a designated parking spot, swipe your Blink InCard and plug the charger into the vehicle, where you can then proceed with your shopping while your ride juices itself up.

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