Just to get an idea on how powerful today’s smartphones are, they are beefy enough in terms of processing power to run emulators of consoles. We aren’t talking about just 8-bit machines of yore, but even 16-bit models that had Nintendo and Sega duke it out with the SNES and Megadrive, respectively. Well, the PC has long had the MAME program that allowed you to run all those classic games on the desktop, but how about the mobile platform? Apple’s App Store has just seen the iMAME emulator march in, where some of the pre-loaded titles will include Circus, Crash, Hard Hat, Fire One, Robot Bowl, Side Track, Spectar, Star Fire and Targ. This is not an officially endorsed app by Nicola Salmoria or the MAME Team, but I guess as the end user, you might not really care as long as you can enjoy your retro gaming fix. Not only are the iPhone and iPod touch supported, so too, does the iPad. The entire app weighs ni at 38.1MB, so you might want to piggyback on a Wi-Fi connection if patience is not your strong suit.

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