Just how fast do you think your home Internet connection is? Does 10Mbps, or even 100Mbps make you feel as though you are king of the world? Well, just like in life for most of us, there is always someone else out there with something faster, bigger and better than what we own – with the researchers over at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) managed to hit a new world record where data transfer is concerned, touching a combined rate of 186Gbps (gigabits per second) within a wide area network circuit*.

To put things into perspective, 186Gbps translates to moving 2,000,000 GBs each day, which is fast enough to transfer nearly 100,000 full Blu-ray discs, where each of them will comprise of a complete movie and all the relevant extras, in a single day. You will not find such a connection arrive for commercial use anytime soon though, but at least there is a new bar to beat for record seekers. *While a wide area network  can cover a city, it may also be a private network, and not “The Internet”. [Press Release]

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