We’ve heard of gamers playing games for hours on end, amounting to days even, and it looks like those habits don’t look to be breaking anytime soon as according to reports, it seems that two players tried to beat a world record by playing classic arcade game, Q*bert, for as long as they could. The previous record was set by Ed Heemskerk back in 2012 where he played a record time of 68.5 hours. The new record on the other hand has been set by George Leutz who managed to clock as impressive (and extremely unhealthy) 84 hours and 48 minutes of gameplay, racking up a new world record score of 37,163,080! Leutz has managed to break two world records in the process, with the previous high score being set at 33,273,520 in 1983. While we have to admit that these feats of endurance are pretty impressive, we can only imagine how much toll that can take on the body. After all if you have been following gaming news, you’ve probably heard of how some players collapse, and some even die, from playing video games for too long without taking a break.

[Image Credit – Patrick Scott Patterson]

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