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Cira Centre Skyscraper Shows Off Tetris
Tetris, a 30 year old game, has been played on the surface of buildings in the past, but this time around, it seems that a new Guinness World Record is set as Tetris is played on both north and south sides of Brandywine Realty Trust’s Cira Centre skyscraper, turning it into the largest architectural videogame display in the world.

Stuart Gunn Is World’s Fastest Blind And Disabled Biker With 167.1mph Record
I would not be too far off the mark to say that Stuart Gunn is the real world daredevil – he might not have Matt Murdock’s legal qualifications as well as enhanced senses, but this does not mean he lacks any cojones. No sir, Stuart Gunn is a sightless daredevil who has just achieved a new world record, hitting the 167mph mark on his motorcycle. Perhaps it is his inability […]

Man Sets Q*bert World Record For Hours Played And Highest Score
We’ve heard of gamers playing games for hours on end, amounting to days even, and it looks like those habits don’t look to be breaking anytime soon as according to reports, it seems that two players tried to beat a world record by playing classic arcade game, Q*bert, for as long as they could. The previous record was set by Ed Heemskerk back in 2012 where he played a record […]

Facebook post has over a million comments, earns world record
Just how many comments have you garnered throughout your Facebook’s account lifespan? A few thousand might be normal for many of us who are active with your Facebook accounts, but surely the total figure will still pale in comparison to what the Frontierville Facebook page has, where just one of their posts raked in over a million comments, which clearly earns them a place in the hallowed halls of the […]


Man vs. Machine is world's largest online FPS with 999 players
When you thought it was cool fragging fellow marines in a deathmatch over at Doom, with Quake expanding the maximum number of players to 16 in a deathmatch, how about upping the ante to three figures? Swedish company MuchDifferent decided to notch their name as part of the effort to create a new world record, having conducted a one-night experiment with a game simply known as Man vs. Machine, where […]

Man tattoos more than 10,000 URLs on body
How many tattoos do you have on your body? Surely most of them will be images or pictures, with some of us opting to (regretfully) tattoo the name of our ex-girlfriends. Pat Vaillancourt decided to take the path less traveled, and has more than 10,000 URLs inked all over his back and shoulders. Just in case you think that this is overkill, Pat thinks otherwise, as his ultimate goal would […]

186Gbps is new Networking speed record
Just how fast do you think your home Internet connection is? Does 10Mbps, or even 100Mbps make you feel as though you are king of the world? Well, just like in life for most of us, there is always someone else out there with something faster, bigger and better than what we own – with the researchers over at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) managed to hit a new […]

New York has the most Twitter users among cities
The city of New York has broken yet another record – this time around, Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey announced that New York City alone contains more Twitter users within its walls compared to any other city in the world – while playing host to the second most Twitter developers worldwide. Of course, the majority of New Yorkers would not be surprised at this news considering the city boasts […]

Electric car land speed record beaten by a bunch of students
Tesla Motors has proven that electric cars can go quite fast – so fast, in fact, that even petrol powered supercars find it rather tough to keep up. Of course, as we know that records are meant to be broken, so a bunch of BYU engineering students decided to spend their spare time by building an electric streamliner which maxed out at 175 mph – and since it runs on […]

Lightning Motorcycle electric SuperBike hits 218 MPH
For anyone who’s doubted the power of electric motors – Lighting Motorcycle is here to set prove the non-believers wrong. The company recently smashed the electric motorcycle world record speed with an impressive top speed of 218 MPH (the previously world record was 173MPH). Even the bike’s average speed of 215 MPH smoked it!

Lightning Motorcycles hit new land speed record for electric bikes
We do know that electric vehicles are starting to catch on, but there is still the issue of making sure the battery can last for more than 200 miles. Well, Lightning Motorcycles focuses on, as you can tell by its name, motorcycles, and one of their models actually achieved a new land speed record for electric motorcycles, touching 206.079 mph to be the king of the world for electric motorcycles […]

Carrie owns new Dance Dance Revolution Guinness World Record
It looks like we have a new world record holder that has been verified by the Guinness Book of World Records when it comes to the Dance Dance Revolution game. Carrie Swidecki actually spent the better part of 15 plus hours, holding the new record of 15 hours, 17 minutes and 44 seconds for the Longest Marathon on a Dance/Rhythm Game. This 35-year-old public school teacher hails from Bakersfield, California, […]

Schumacher Mi3 is fastest remote controlled car in the world
You know that when a device is named Schumacher Mi3, it will have to be crazy fast, considering it shares the namesake of the inspiring Formula 1 driver who created history by still holding the record number of champion titles that were amassed during his faster days. Well, Nic Case has brought his obsession of remote-controlled toy cars to a whole new level by coming up with his very own […]

MSI N560GTX-Ti Hawk achieves new world records
MSI’s N560GTX-Ti Hawk graphics card will definitely appeal to all of you computer performance enthusiasts who are on a tight budget – after all, it isn’t as expensive as the high end GTX580, and yet is still the new world record holder for a single-card with the highest core frequency of 1500MHz. This is made possible thanks to Belgian overclocker Massman who relied on the N560GTX-Ti Hawk, tweaking it to […]

Pimped out mobility scooter zips by quickly
The young man you see here is Colin who decided to pimp out a mobility scooter, where this petrol-powered scooter is capable of hitting a top speed of 111km/h in a drag-race. The Brit is currently in running (pardon the pun) for a Guinness World Record, so good luck to Colin! All he needs to do is go past the 100km/h mark which Colin says is peanuts. Just for comparison’s […]

iPhone seemingly takes text messaging world record
Remember the British lady who texted her way into the Guinness Book of World Records on her Samsung Galaxy S? Well, it seemed to be a record that went begging to be broken, and to rub salt into the wound, the potential new record belongs to iPhone 4 user Brian Sweet of Texas, where he posted a video of his achievement as evidence. He managed to type the record breaking […]

Swype Keyboard Breaks World Record For Fastest Text Message Again
If you weren’t convinced of the capabilities of the Swype input system, word has just come in that a British woman has texted her way into the Guinness Book of World Records by completing a rather tricky phrase on her Samsung Galaxy S. This comes just a few months after a Swype intern broke the previous record during a commercial for the Samsung Omnia II phone. In case you think […]

Wireless data transfer record smashed
Siemens now holds the world record of having the fastest wireless data transfer after breaking their previous efforts, hitting a whopping 500 Mbps using white LED light. Researchers at Siemens relied on 500 light intensity fluctuations per second that are readable by a photodetector receiver, and is well capable of transmitting data over longer distances at a rate of 100 Mbps. Known as Visible Light Communication, this type of data […]

Pocket Rocket Smashes Speed Record
Remote control toy cars are small boys’ toys, eh? Well, you’ll be livid to know that 46-year-old Nic Case has designed a new R/C car which is able to travel at a maximum speed of 161 mph, going perhaps even faster than your own vehicle. Needless to say, the Pocket Rocket is the fastest R/C car known to exist at press time, although Case isn’t going to stop there as […]