Just how many comments have you garnered throughout your Facebook’s account lifespan? A few thousand might be normal for many of us who are active with your Facebook accounts, but surely the total figure will still pale in comparison to what the Frontierville Facebook page has, where just one of their posts raked in over a million comments, which clearly earns them a place in the hallowed halls of the Guinness World Records for a new category – namely the most comments under a single Facebook post.

Guinness has confirmed that the grand total of 1,001,552 comments were made on a single post, where said post was first put up by Tracey Hodgson on October 30, 2011, and with just 107 people participating in this thread, it averages out to around 9,360 comments for each person. Talk about a real “conversation” that is going on in the virtual world! It seems that the previous record stood at around half the amount – we’re looking at approximately 500,000 comments.

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