It must be said that the Kindle Touch e-book reader from Amazon is not exactly the beefiest kid on the block when it comes to system specifications and hardware performance, but that does not mean it is a slouch in its performance, either. No sir, you won’t find Google’s Android operating system running on the Kindle Touch, but that does not mean the Kindle Touch has been banished to development hell by the homebrew community. No sir, developer Yifan Lu has come up with a method to “jailbreak” the Kindle Touch – and the method of doing so is so simple, you might have kicked yourself wondering why didn’t you think of it before to lay claim to your 15 minutes of fame.


All you need to do is simply download an MP3 file, and play it on the Kindle Touch. Yes sir, this MP3 file is special since it will include custom ID3 tags that execute commands on the Kindle Touch. Since the Kindle Touch’s user interface is mostly written in HTML5 as well as Javascript, those who want to unlock the Kindle Touch will be able to “inject” some custom HTML thanks to the experimental MP3 player from Amazon that can be exploited in its software.

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