If you cannot help but think about how many more dragons you want to kill in Skyrim even when you are at work or on holiday, then you might want to consider making a trip to Paris for your next time off. With so many wonderful hotels to choose from, just which one should you rest and recuperate? Might we suggest the Hotel Novotel Vaugirard Montparnasse, in a special room known as Room 3120, as this is also better known as the Kinect Hotel Room? The name itself suggests just as much – it is a gamer’s heaven (for Xbox 360 fans only), where this interactive gaming abode will feature an upgraded Xbox 360 console and Kinect technology.


There is a foldout bed so that more space is freed for you to swing your arms all over the place, paving the way for interactive gaming, while other screens are also available so that you can access news as well as information at but a glance. Brought your kids with you? Not to worry, there is also a separate children’s zone complete with a games console and roll-up beds, too. Nice to see geeky touches were introduced, like the cushions which resemble Shift and Escape keys on a keyboard. As for the regular hotel room desk, it is no longer there, but rather, it has been replaced by a 30″ ‘multimedia table’ that was constructed with Microsoft’s touchscreen Surface technology in mind. This will not be a permanent fixture though, costing around $270 a night until Valentine’s Day next year.

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