If you happen to be in Chicago, you might want to check out a vending machine by Kraft. The machine dispenses a mousse-like Temptations dessert and it will only dispense it to its intended target audience – adults. So what’s to stop a kid from walking up to the machine and getting his or her hands on some Temptations dessert?

Well thanks to the machine which was developed by Intel, it will be able to detect facial age with a special camera that scans your face to help determine if you’re an adult or if you’re just a kid looking to score a free dessert that will probably ruin your dinner. If it detects that you’re a kid, the machine will shut down and asks the child to step away, but if it detects an adult, glorious dessert is dispensed!

Sure it does sound somewhat gimmicky and hey, it works, we’re talking about it right now aren’t we? However despite its gimmicky-ness, we don’t see why such technology can’t be implemented in real life situations. Perhaps we can start using these machines to replace bouncers at clubs, or even use it to help prevent the selling of cigarettes and alcohol to the underaged. If you are in Chicago and you’ve come across Kraft’s Temptations dessert dispenser, let us know your experience and thoughts on it!

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