It goes without saying that it is anathema to those who do not turn off their smartphones in a theater environment, be it plays, musicals, operas and the like – unless, of course, you’re a teeny bopper who thinks that Justin Bieber is the next best thing since sliced bread. Well, here is something interesting for you to ponder over – it seems that theaters are now working on a segment of seats which will be specially reserved for tweeters – known as “tweet seats”, these are meant for patrons who want to live-tweet during performances.

According to Rick Dildine, the executive director for Shakespeare Festival St. Louis, this has started to become a national trend, so instead of taking the more difficult route of banning the use of phones or looking like some sort of draconian outfit, why not take the softer route of letting folks tweet, but in their own little corner? It does remind me of a smoking room, this. What do you think of Twitter seats?

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