Basically, vending machines are pretty dumb – they need not have any form of smart features after all, as all they do is receive whatever dough you put in, and in return, will “spit out” the product of your choice after you press a few buttons here and there. Japan, being one of the more technologically advanced countries around, has upped the ante where vending machines are concerned, by rolling out what some might dub as Vending Machine 2.0 – this particular model sports a 65″ see-through display that has Full HD resolution to boot.

The display will tell the time in a digital format, and is the creation of tech companies in Japan, Sanden and Okaya (with some Intel inside goodness, of course). There will also be different types of animations shown to grab the attention of passers-by. Whenever you stop right in front of the machine, a facial recognition system will kick in to serve up personalized ads after figuring out your gender and approximate age.

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