Verizon claims to have the largest and most advanced 4G LTE wireless network in the world, so a lot of customers were upset when the network went down again this week. Today, to justify the network’s downtime, Verizon issued a press release with an explanation about what has been going on. According to the carrier, these problems are happening because Verizon is a pioneer when it comes to LTE, and so there are a lot of problems that are unforeseen.

However, Verizon claimed that each incident of outage has been different and any problem that has been fixed has yet to re-occur – which can only be a good thing. While the carrier doesn’t promise that there won’t be any more outages, it did mention the steps it is taking to improve the situation – like geographic segmentation of its network, so if one area goes down – it doesn’t affect the whole nation.

Here’s to hoping that 2012 will be a better year for Big Red and its high-speed network.

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