[CES 2012] Remember back in your younger days when you headed outdoors, and the only thing you worried about getting wet was your watch? How times have changed, and with us carrying so many gadgets that we deem as “indispensable” these days, making sure they remain high and dry even when it pours around us can be quite tricky. I would not recommend wrapping them in a plastic bag, although a Ziploc would have performed much better. Benzitech attempts to jump into the waterproof case range for smartphones and tablets, where the iDry waterproof cases will come with an airtight seal that ensures not a single drop of water will ruin your precious electronics. In fact, the iDry is so tough that it can survive up to 30 feet underwater without letting in a drop. The cases will also float on water, so in the event that you actually drop it into a pool, it will still float for easy retrieval, leaving your diving antics for another day. The iDry waterproof cases will come in black or yellow colors.

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