[CES 2012] Sharp’s main drawing point for this year’s press conference at CES would be the Sharp Aquos board – where it will come in three different sizes of 60″, 70″ and 80″, functioning as an interactive board that targets businesses. It will go up against projectors, sporting 1080p resolution that makes it decent to play High Definition movies during a meeting break to keep the rest of the ‘zombies’ mesmerized and make sure they do not go off and make some water cooler talk. Sharp also mentioned that the Aquos Board is more energy-efficient compared to projectors – and it does sound more silent, too.


If you ever find the need to doodle something and perhaps draw an Internet meme on an office whiteboard, you will be able to do so in the digital manner as the Aquos Board is more than game for such a task. It works just fine regardless of whether you want to use your finger or a stylus, and to make sure the Aquos Board has enough processing muscle to do all that it does, Sharp dropped the ball that this comes with an integrated computer. Alternatively, you can also use the Aquos Board as a video conferencing system that plays nice with Skype and other similar software. No idea on how much this behemoth will cost too, and imagine replacing all the projectors in the office with this!

Sharp continues their business concerning TVs, and we are met with how Sharp’s 10th generation LCD plant was specially optimized to churn out 65″ and above LCD displays, and also had a little bit of marketing push by showing a video with customer comments concerning the topic on how large a TV should your living room have. Most folks figured out that 70″ at 10 feet is ideal, and that is not something we disagree with. In fact, Sharp has taken these comments into account, and will introduce 17 more 60″ and larger models within the next 90 days. Not only that, Sharp intends to push 4K resolution “this year”, although we do not know how soon (or late) that would be.

Up next, Sharp’s Aquos FreeStyle TVs which are able to run autonomously sans a power cable – while these aren’t exactly new as they already debuted in Japan last year, at least we know the 20″, 32″, 40″ and 60″ models of the Aquos FreeStyle TVs will debut Stateside soon. How do these TVs work? Well, they high definition video via WiFi, allowing them to be creatively positioned if you want to, as long as there is a power outlet in the vicinity.

Sharp goes green as well by offering solar powered charging stations at CES this year to ensure that thirsty gizmos are able to receive a brief respite from the glaring desert sun. In addition, the SunSnap solar solution that was demonstrated as seen above was specially designed to make it easier for one to make the switch to solar energy at home – or perhaps, at least derive a little bit of juice from sunlight to offset part of your monthly power bill. After all, each panel is actually a self-enclosed system that will cost under a grand, and depending on how deep your pockets are as well as your energy needs, you can choose to install as many (or few) as you want.

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