Let’s face it, there are households out there who support Apple’s products completely. This might mean that their computers could be iMacs or MacBooks, their choice of media player could be the iPod touch, their choice of smartphone would be the iPhone, and you guessed it – their choice of tablet would be the iPad. With so many iOS devices lying around the house, wouldn’t it be great (and possibly convenient) to charge them all at once? If your answer is yes, you might want to check out Datamation’s Power Pad 16.


If the 16 USB ports did not give it away, the Datamation Power Pad 16 is essentially a USB charging station that the company claims can charge up to 16 iPads at once. According to the company, the Power Pad 16 is said to work with most USB-powered devices including other iOS devices (such as the iPhone and iPod touch) and smartphones, and “virtually any that would charge using a standard Apple USB-connected AC adapter”. Interesting this means that the Datamation Power Pad 16 is not a “universal” USB charger, but fret not as the company is apparently working on other “universal” versions of the Power Pad. [Product page]

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