Facebook logoOn the heels of today’s Timeline apps announcement, it looks like Facebook could have something up its sleeves called “Facebook origin”. Facebook has been reported to have registered for a bunch of domains ranging from dot-com to dot-biz and beginning with “fborigin”. At the moment there’s no mention of what it could be, but I’m guessing it could be a new product, or some sort of history page for Facebook (I’m shooting in the dark here).

However, it’s also very likely we’re just looking at Facebook registering domain names to prevent cyber-squatting in the future. Facebook has registered fborigin.com, fborigin.net, fborigin.org, fborigin.biz, fborigin.info and even fborigin.co.uk, but at this time of writing, those addresses don’t lead anywhere. We’ll keep our eyes peeled and keep you posted if or when Facebook announces anything official.

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