[CES 2012] A successor to any product would definitely have to come with its fair share of changes and modifications to improve upon its predecessor, and the Gobandit Live action camera does just that this time around, improving upon the Gobandit GPS HD camera by throwing in everything but the kitchen sink – we are looking at a gyroscopic sensor, 1080p capture ability at 30fps, a 170-degree f/2.8 wide angle lens as well as Wi-Fi connectivity. Of course, having Wi-Fi while you have hit the trail somewhere in the outback or the great outdoors would not matter too much, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy some adrenaline pumping adventures while you are in the concrete jungle, right? Ethan Hunt could make do with this when he was scaling the Burj Khalifa to let his teammates know how dangerous his mission is – but not impossible.

Wi-Fi connectivity comes in handy to upload video clips to a computer whenever it is within range, doing away with the hassle of finding another cable and hooking it up. Of course, those who prefer the non-Wi-Fi version can pick one up for a Benjamin less, while the Gobandit Live action camera can be yours for $419 when it hits North America this coming March 1st.

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