University of GlasgowIt’s the start of the new year so some of you might be starting a new semester in a new school somewhere in the world. And just like every location you visit for the first time, you’re probably unfamiliar with where everything is. But thanks to Google, you may never have to get lost again – provided the school you’re attending has decided to partner up with Google.

Google has announced the addition of a bunch of new schools to its university Street View program. Now with just a web browser and an internet connection, you can pay a visit to some of the most famous schools around the world, take a virtual tour of the campus, and find your way to your next class. At the moment there are still a lot of schools that aren’t part of the program, but hopefully in a few years time, we’ll see a lot more on the website. Hit the source link to try out some of the available university Street Views.

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