Google+ nicknameIn order to get an account on Google+, users were previously required to use their real names on their profiles. Of course, a number of people weren’t happy about the decision, especially those who wanted to create anonymous accounts or use nicknames they’re known by. It’s been many months since the social network has been around, and with over 90 million users registered, it looks like Google has finally decided to allow the use of alternate names.

Announced by Bradley Horowitz on Google+ today, the service will be adding support for alternate names in the coming week. Users will be able to add nicknames, maiden names, and names in another script alongside their common names when the change comes about. So if you’ve been called a nickname your whole life and wish to add it to your Google profile, a simple profile edit will accomplish just that. Your alternate name will show up as part of your name on Google+ and all other services that require your Google profile. Keep an eye out for the change in the near future; Google+ just got a bit more personal.

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