Remember the infamous Hot Coffee mod that turned the attention to video games for a while way back in 2004? Well, that was a pretty slick move to ensure that Grand Theft Auto 3 on the PC lasted longer than it should, and gamers started to get all excited by introducing a slew of items that range from new cars to weapons and skins through in-game file modification. It seems that it can be 2004 all over again in some ways with GTA 3 for the iOS and Android platforms, as there are whispers that versions for both portable titles also share the same weakness as the PC version, considering they use a similar file structure that allows you to modify the game in a jiffy through some tweaks, as well as the installation of additional files. Doing so on your iOS device might be more difficult, no thanks to the rigid protection that Apple has set up for iOS, so that means you will need to jailbreak your device beforehand. Do you think no one can resist the thought of an external mod being made available on the portable platform? I thought so, too.

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